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In case you’d like to add to it, this is a list of the publications
and research we’ve been reading.

The School Food Plan

The Plan

Henry Dimbleby & John Vincent, July 2013

School Food Plan Evidence Base

Prepared by OC&C Strategy Consultants to support the development of the School Food Plan

School Meals in Finland

Finnish National Board of Education, 2008

School Food Plan Resources

A Checklist for Headteachers

Practical steps every school can take to transform what children eat at school and how they learn about food

Ofsted Guidance: Creating a Culture and Ethos of Healthy Eating

Practical guidance to help school leaders adopt a whole school approach to food and create a culture and ethos of healthy eating. Under Ofsted’s New Common Inspection Framework, inspectors assess how “children and learners keep themselves healthy, including through healthy eating"

School Food: Guidance for Governors

Guidance produced in collaboration with the National Governors’ Association to support governors in championing a whole school approach to food and help create a culture and ethos of healthy eating

Creating a Good School Food Culture

CPD Session for All School Staff

School Food Standards

Mandatory Food-based Standards. Download and Print the Standards Poster, Guidance and Checklists

What Works Well: Recipe Hub

Over 100 Recipes for Pupils’ Favourite Meals and Snacks

Small Schools Toolkit

Highlights examples of good what works well, shares innovative ideas and signposts to organisations able to help small schools to offer their pupils the best school food

Increasing School meal take-up and UIFSM

Take up of Free School Meals: Price Effects and Peer Effects

By Holford, A. 2012, Institute for Social and Economic Research No 21012-12

Free School Meals Pilot Evaluation

By Kitchen, S. et al. 2012, Department for Education Research Brief DFE-RB227

School Food Standards

School Food Standards

January 2015

School Food Standards Pilot Evaluation Report

Mucavele et al. October-December 2013

Revised Standards for Food in Schools

Consultation Outcome, June 2014, Department for Education

Revised Standards for Food in Schools: Q&A

Consultation Outcome, June 2014, Department for Education

Impact of School Food Policy on Total Food Intake

Adamson et al. 2011, Public Health Research Consortium

School Meals in Secondary Schools in England

Nelson, M et al. 2004, King’s College London and National Centre for Social Research.

Diet, Nutrition and Schoolchildren: an Update

Weichselbaum and Buttriss, 2014, Nutrition Bulletin

School Food – the impact on pupil health & learning outcomes

The Link Between Pupil Health and Wellbeing and Attainment

A Briefing for Headteachers, Governors and Staff in Education Settings, Public Health Endland, November 2014

Healthy School Meals and Educational Outcomes

Belot, M and James, J. 2009, Inst. for Social and Economic Research

What is the Relationship Between Child Nutrition and School Outcomes?

Sorhaindo, A and Feinstein, L. 2006, Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning: Wider Benefits of Learning Research

Childhood Obesity, Diet and Health

The Eatwell Guide

Public Health England, March 2016

Ending Childhood Obesity

Final Report from the Word Health Organisation Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, January 2016

Why 5%? The Science Behind SACN

Public Health England, July 2015

Childhood Obesity – Brave and Bold Action

House of Commons Health Committee, First Report of Session 2015–16

Sugar Reduction: the Evidence for Action

Public Health England, October 2015

Tackling England’s Childhood Obesity Crisis

A Report by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to Inform the Development of the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, October 2015

Child Obesity: Their Lives in Our Hands

Children's Food Trust, November 2015

National Diet and Nutrition Survey

Public Health England and The Food Standards Agency, Results from Years 1 to 4 (Combined) of the Rolling Programme for 2008 and 2009 to 2011 and 2012

Overcoming Obesity: an Initial Economic Analysis

McKinsey Global Institute, November 2014

Reducing Obesity: Future Choices

Government Office for Science, October 2007

Children’s Dental Health Survey

England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 2013

The National Child Measurement Programme

An Internationally Recognised Annual Measure of the Height and Weight of Children in Reception Class (Aged 4 to 5 Years) and Year 6 (Aged 10 to 11 Years) to Assess Overweight and Obesity Levels in Children Within Primary Schools

Whole Systems Obesity

Leeds Beckett University

The Core Competence Framework

Core competences for children and young people aged 5 to 16 years: A framework of skills and knowledge around food, diet and physical activity, British Nutrition Foundation

NHS Choices

A host of useful articles on various food and health related subjects, including eating a balanced diet, understanding food labelling and advice for parents with overweight and underweight children

Food Choices

Food Provision and Procurement

Sustainable Procurement: the Government Buying Standards (GBS)

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, February 2012

Sustainable Procurement: the GBS for Food and Catering Services

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, July 2014

A Plan for Public Procurement: Food and Catering

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, July 2014

A Plan for Public Procurement: Food and Catering: the Balanced Scorecard

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, July 2014

Filling the Holiday Hunger Gap

All Party Parliamentary Group on School Food, March 2014

Food for Life Catering Mark

Soil Association

Food Growing and Food Education

Food Growing Activities in Schools

Nelson, J et al. 2011, National Foundation for Educational Research

Food for Life Partnership Evaluation Full Report

Cardiff University and University of the West of England, November 2010

School Food Around the World

State of School Feeding Worldwide

World Food Programme, 2013